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Safari Zones In Ranthambore

The 10 Zone of Ranthambore

The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is made up of ten safari zones spread across 1411.291 square kilometres of land. All of these zones are filled with amazing flora and wildlife to see.

Zone 1

The zone is accessed through Singh Dwar. This is a buffer zone known for tiger sightings. T-39 and T-57 are the zone's most famous tigers. Tuti ka Nalla, Amreshwar Dang, Sultanpur, Peela Pani, and Gada Dub are popular tiger sighting locations in this zone.

Zone 2

This is a famous zone to spot T19, T22, T72, T57, T28, T60, and T39 tigers at Jogi Mahal, Phuta Kot, Phuta Bandha, Lahpur Tiraha, Nal Ghati. 

This zone is also well known for spotting the Indian Leopards.

Zone 3

The famous tigers of this zone are T-19 and T-28 which may be spotted near Padam Talab, High Point, Raj Bagh and Mandook.

Zone 4

Tigress Machli increased the charm of Zone 4. After her death, the charm of the zone is maintained by 

T-28, T-64, T-19, T-75, T-41 and T-25 tigers.

Singh Dwar, Malik Talab, Lakkad Da, Adidaant, Lambi, Tamakhan and birds are well-known spots for tiger sightings. 

Zone 5

This zone has the same entrance as the zone. The safari vehicles enter this zone via the old city. You can spot T-25, T-28, T-17, T-74, and T-75 tigers at Singhdwar, Anatpur, Jokha, Dhakda, Kachida, Baghda, and Bakola.

Zone 6

Kundal zone is famous for spotting Noor and her cubs. You can spot them at Kala Pani, Saran Ka Pattha, Patwa Ki Baori, Khabli or Soleshwar. There are also T-34, T-39, T-57 and T-8 to spot at these points.

This zone is also famous for birding. You can spot the endangered Red-headed Vultures here.

The famous mammals to spot here are Chinkara and Gaur.

This zone consists of open grasslands and gives incredible views of mountains. Therefore this zone is perfect for photography. 

Zone 7

T-8 and T-34 are the tigers that rule this zone. You may spot them at Chidikho, Jamoda, Kushalipura, or Rajbagh Naka.

Zone 8

This zone is also ruled by T-8 and T-34. Their kingdom is spread over Balas, Kherai, Kali, Neemli Dang, Bhat, and Mahakho spots.

Zone 9

Kuwal Ji zone is located near the Chakal river. It is home to Fateh (T-42) who likes to run behind the safari vehicles. He also likes to show his hunting skills. This zone is also home to T-59. 

Caracals, Sloth bears, are also famous mammals in this zone.

Zone 10

T-13, T-42 and T-43 are the famous tigers of this zone. They may be spotted at Aantri, Kushalipura, Bodal, Halonda and Banskhori.

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