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Wildlife In Ranthambore

Various incredible animals are the reason behind the charmingness of Ranthambore national park. This wildlife was also included in the "Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling. We all know the famous Sherkhan of the book that was inspired by seeing the Bengal Tiger. Then other Baloo the sloth bear, Kaa - the snake, King Louie- the orangutan, Akela - the wolf, Raksha - the wolf, Winifred - the elephant, Rocky - the rhino, etc., were the characters inspired by the park's wildlife.

There are around 39 mammals residing in the park. Amongst them, the major ones are:

Bengal Tigers

Indian Leopards

Indian Wolf

Indian wild dogs


Spotted Deer

Sambhar Deer

Ranthambore will also not disappoint the bird lovers as there are 210 varieties of avifauna. The most famous of them are

Indian Pitta

Indian Roller


Indian Black Ibis

Asian Openbill

Indian Scops Owl

Rufous Treepie

Amongst the reptiles, there are around 13 varieties of them that are crawling the lands of the Ranthambore. The most famous ones are

Sand Boa

Creckered Keelback

Russell's Viper

Spectacled Cobra

Indian Flapshell Turtle

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