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About Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park Safari

Ranthambore is a National Park as well as a Tiger Reserve. This means you have very good chances of spotting not just royal Bengal tigers here but a wide variety of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. This is the ideal place to visit with your wild-spirited friends. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve sits between the beautiful Aravali Hills and Vindhya Plateau in Rajasthan.

Chambal and Banas rivers flow through the reserve. This aids vegetation growth and gives the reserve area an aesthetic green cover. It is spread over 1332 sq. KMs. Itis covered in dry deciduous forest. You will spot an abundance of Banyan trees flocked by avifauna.

Ranthambore National Park also has many historic ruins spread across the jungle. This includes the legebdary Ranthambore Fort. But what brings tourists from across the world here is the unforgettable Royal Bengal Tiger sightings. It has also been the favourite hunting ground of the most photographed tigress – Machli. Although Machhli is no more, her cubs continue the Ranthambore legacy.

Visit Ranthambore for an exciting adventurous time with your family and friends. It welcomes you with 320 bird species, 40 species of mammals, 40 species of reptiles, 50 butterfly varieties (kids’ favourite!) and several species of amphibians.


Below is the historical significance that happened to the Ranthambore starting from the year 1955


The Government of India developed Ranthambore National Park in 1955 as Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary


Ranthambore was designated as one of India's Project Tiger reserves in 1973


Ranthambore National Park was established on November 1, 1980


The adjoining jungle was designated as the Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and Keladevi Sanctuary


Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and Keladevi Sanctuary were merged into Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore tiger reserve is located amidst the beautiful Aravali hills and Vindhya plateau in Rajasthan. It is spread over 1411.291 sq.km of area. 

Ranthambore national park is famous for Bengal tigers and the historical Ranthambore fort. Once the humans used to rule the fort, now it is ruled by the tigers. 

The tiger reserve is also embraced by the Chambal and Banas rivers that gives a magnificent look to it.

There are various kinds of mammals, birds, and reptiles to see in the Ranthambore tiger safari.

This national park of Sawai Madhopur is covered with dry deciduous forests. It consists of a lot of Banyan trees. Many beautiful lakes, such as Padam Talao, Malik Talao, Raj Bagh Talao, and others, add to the landscape of this forest, which includes coniferous forest, tiny hills, valleys, and verdant green.

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